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What does Expresit mean by celebrate publicly, fix privately?

When you give feedback to an employee, if it’s positive, you may announce it in a staff meeting or a company newsletter. If it’s an improvement opportunity, you probably discuss it privately. Expresit mirrors this natural, productive style of communication. When your customers see good, the world should know it! When they want you to change something, you should have a chance to try and address it.

If an app user agrees to share a positive snitch publicly, our premium partners have permission to post it to their social media pages or other communication channels, which is a great branding opportunity.

What is the Heromaker and why is it so powerful?

Employee recognition is a $50 billion industry; yet recent studies show that up to 70% of workers in the US are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. Existing tools often feel contrived, impersonal and outdated. The Heromaker feature in our app collects real stories from real consumers and represents a breakthrough tool in employee recognition, retention and organizational culture.

What are some examples of the type of business intelligence Expresit provides?

Available data includes:

  • Data, location and time of Feedback
  • Demographics on users
  • Overall satisfaction levels with product and service
  • Satisfaction with nine common attributes of product and of service by industry (or custom attributes if Enterprise)
  • “Would you recommend?” summary data (“NPS”)
  • Names of workers who were recognized by users
  • Business unit or department level data for Enterprise customers

What makes Expresit different from other feedback tools?

Existing tools are either too time consuming for consumers or do not provide businesses with usable data. Our technology structures consumer opinions in an easy to digest, powerful format. Because Expresit is fast and a positive experience, you reach a broader cross-section of consumers, not just those who have had extreme experiences (typically negative). The data set that results from hearing from the majority of your customers in real-time gives you the ability to make informed decisions leading to continuous improvements in your organization.