Find a business and leave feedback

We believe doing good is great for business.

Technology can do enormous good when it reflects the best of human behavior. We’re passionate about using our company to recognize hardworking people and build great organizations. We know you’re busy, but taking 30 seconds to make someone else’s day or give feedback is a great investment. Being positive can be contagious.

When Expresit gets your feedback, we celebrate the good publicly and let businesses fix the not-so-good privately. By the way, more than 90% of our feedback is positive.

We try to make it easy for everyone to use Expresit anywhere:

  • Expresit Apps & Website - Recognize great service or leave feedback for any business or organization
  • Express Feedback® for Enterprise - Our custom enterprise products help build great cultures and give businesses additional tailored reporting and integration options.

Expresit and Express Feedback® are people-sourced feedback and diagnostic solutions from HundredX. Learn more about HundredX.